We are proud of the Castle experience

Castle products are intended primarily as stories and only then as gifts. Our special range of gifts is associated with the castle experiences, events and stories that leave a pleasant impression on every castle visitor. We attempted to subtly capture some of these memories in our products and to imbue them with some of the castle spirit.

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January, February, March and November 10:00 - 18:00
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December 10:00 - 19:00

Castle Shop

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Castle products are a unique experience. We sought out young designers and experienced manufacturers and combined their contemporary creativity with the ancient castle spirit. The result is exquisite and original gifts manufactured especially for the Ljubljana Castle.
Each item within this unique range of gifts bears a trace of authentic experience as well as the creator’s signature. The aesthetic and useful products are carefully selected. They are all modern and original, each possessing a trace of the castle spirit. Eleanor of Portugal kindly presented us with her precious scarf, George the Knight bravely shielded a candle, and our friendly Dragon welcomes you at the entrance to the shop.


Jewellery, Textiles and Castle Treats

Young maidens and esteemed ladies can choose beautiful silver jewellery created by young jewellery designer Dalija Sega based on her study of the history of decorative jewellery. You can also choose from an array of unique fashion accessories (from scarves and shawls, to beautiful bags), as well as original home accessories and decorations (from serviettes and handkerchiefs to pillows), designed with a great feeling for patterns derived from the castle history by fashion designer Saša Drobnič Škrjanec. Our wooden products are also unique, with something for everyone: wooden swords and shields for young heroes, something for the home for the ladies of the castle (from cutlery and plates, to beautiful candlesticks). In the castle kitchen, they have baked delicious castle cookies and meringue kisses. We believe that everyone will find something to their taste.


For the Old and the Young from all over the World

Our wish was that, with the aid of these gifts, our visitors would be able take the stories from the Ljubljana Castle home with them to their families and friends, passing on the gifts’ pleasant associations and thus encouraging them to visit the castle too. The gifts are designed to be kept for a long time, and to be useful as well, whether they are taken home by our local Mojca, Inge the traveller, Giovanni the pensioner, or children from anywhere in the world, who, of course, have not been overlooked in our gift range.