Dance evenings at Ljubljana Castle

When the castle was purchased by the city of Ljubljana way back in 1905, it was the wish of the mayor of the time, Ivan Hribar, that the Ljubljana Castle would become a centre for cultural events in the city, that meetings and dances would be organised in the castle’s large halls… and in the last few years the castle’s halls really have proven to be superb venues for dance and have become a focal point for socialising, entertainment and relaxation.

In 2015, guests will have an opportunity to dance at thematic dance evenings in two of the castle’s halls, on two dance floors: the Estates Hall will be the venue for ballroom dancing (standard and Latin American), while the Palatium will host dances in contemporary rhythms (from salsa to bachata and kizouk). One hour prior to each event (except in June) there will be a dance lesson led by a professional dance pair, providing dance enthusiasts with an opportunity to repeat and refresh their knowledge of dance steps.

Dance music based on the theme of each evening will be selected and played by DJ Aleš.

Dance lovers, invite your friends, acquaintances and family members and enjoy these Saturday evenings of relaxation, socialising and entertainment!

You are warmly invited!

Ticket price for each individual evening: 9,00 €
Ticket sales: The Info Centre at the Ljubljana Castle, the lower funicular station, and all sales points (including Petrol service stations and branches of Kompas throughout Slovenia).

On the day of the event, tickets will be on sale until 11.00 pm and the funicular railway will operate until midnight (at the June dance, the Info Centre will be open until midnight and the funicular railway will operate until 1.00 am).
We recommend using the funicular railway to attend the dance evenings. The purchase of a ticket to a dance evening entitles the ticketholder to a reduced return fare on the funicular railway.

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