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Guided Tour with Sparkling Wine

Conclude your explorations of the castle, its spaces, and its rich history, stories and legends in a romantic way – on the Viewing Tower with a glass of sparkling wine or another refreshment.

What to expect

Only with a castle guide can you view the artesian well and the oldest preserved system for pumping water with a large walking wheel dating from the beginning of the 19th century.

You can also view the Estates Hall and the Palatium, as well as Erasmus’ Prison and Frederick’s Tower with the castle lady’s room from the 15th century. The Pentagonal Tower, which today serves as an exhibition space, has a story of its own, as does the Castle Chapel of St George with its unique Baroque paintings of coats-of-arms. 



Any day of the year by prior arrangement.

Duration 60 minutes
Starting point bridge at the main entrance
Languages Slovenian, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Croatian
Price list You can find all options of castle tickets here.

Outline of the Tour

The guided tour includes a tour of the castle’s spaces and attractions, a visit to the Virtual Castle and the Viewing Tower, as well as a glass of sparkling wine or another refreshing beverage on the Viewing Tower. You can also independently view the Permanent Exhibition of Slovenian History and the Museum of Puppetry.


Classic Guided Tour (per person)

2-5 persons 6-15 persons

16-30 persons

including sparkling wine and the funicular

37.00 € 29.25 € 21.50 €

including sparkling wine without the funicular

31.00 € 24.75 € 18.50 €


Contact us for more information, offers and reservations and we will be happy to assist you.

Virtual Castle

+386 1 232 99 94

+386 41 732 654



I know that a short rest is welcome while walking around the castle. So take a break and stop by my beloved Castle Coffee House. They have really great cakes.

Meet Friderik, the castle rat!