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Nexto – a smart travel companion through cultural experiences

Nexto is a smart mobile guide to destinations of cultural and natural heritage. Available for iOS and Android platforms, the mobile application upgrades the classic experience of audio guides by detecting your location through Bluetooth or GPS sensors and pointing out the attractions in your vicinity.

What to expect

With headphones in your ears and a phone in your pocket, you can receive content automatically while exploring the location, without any direct interaction with the phone. The experience is further enhanced with quick access to clearly marked trails and guided interactive maps, as well as the visually appealing presentation of multimedia content. Unique Facebook selfie filters make the whole experience even more exciting.

The application Nexto can also accompany you at the permanent exhibitions Slovenian History and the Museum of Puppetry.

It is available in Slovenian, English, Hungarian, Croatian, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. You can download the application on your mobile device at home (iOS / Android). An activation code for the audio guide to the Ljubljana Castle can be picked up at the Info Centre at the Ljubljana Castle.


Duration Ljubljana Castle – up to 60 minutes, Permanent Exhibition of Slovenian History – up to 45 minutes, Museum of Puppetry - up to 25 minutes
Starting point Info Centre at the castle
Slovenian, English, Hungarian, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Croatian, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
Price list You can find all options of castle tickets here.




Nexto audioguide and Castle ticket TICKET TICKET AND FUNICULAR
Adults 13,00 € 15,00 €
Children (7–18 years), students, pensioners, groups of 15 or more

9,00 €

10,50 €
Family: up to 2 adults and minimum 1 child (7–18 years) 31,00 € 36,50 €


Info Center

+386 1 306 42 93

+386 51 381 690

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Cheers! Castle wine shop and bar welcomes you!

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