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Private Castle Experience

Sometimes it is nice to experience the feeling that the world revolves only around us. That is why we will prepare a day just for you, during which you will feel like a genuine castle lord or lady. The private experience of the castle is intertwined with the very best that the Ljubljana Castle has to offer. We will lead you on an exclusive castle journey that includes a unique exposé of history and enjoyment of superb cuisine. We will also reveal to you the mysterious stories and most romantic corners of the Castle Hill.

What to Expect

The private castle experience is intended for everyone who wants something extra. You will get a completely personal experience of the Ljubljana Castle. Your wellbeing will be ensured by an experienced castle expert, who will be exclusively at your disposal throughout your visit. The basic programme of the visit will be completely adapted to your wishes. Emphasis will be placed on the content that is most interesting to you and the dynamics of your tour will be adjusted to your own rhythm. Of course, you will also be pampered with superb culinary delights and wine, and be shown the most beautiful views, where you can take the most attractive photos.

Outline of the Tour

The castle experience begins at the foot of the Castle Hill with a view of Ljubljana and the surrounding peaks. There you will create your first impression of the Ljubljana Castle. We will conjure up a unique experience of the castle history for you with a private “Time Machine” guided tour with costumed characters, giving you an opportunity to relive the six periods that have strongly marked the history of the Ljubljana Castle and the development of the city of Ljubljana.

After your journey to the past, you will have an opportunity to relax in the Castle Coffee Shop, where your personal castle guide will present the unique experiences that await you on this day. This will also be a good time to tell your personal host at the castle what you are particularly interested in and what you enjoy the most.

You will then set out for a view of the city from the Viewing Tower, where you will get fresh ideas about which parts of Ljubljana you have yet to visit. In clear weather, you can also see a good part of Slovenia with its beautiful mountain peaks. The Ljubljana Castle stands in the middle of a green oasis above the city, so your eyes can rest on the surrounding trees.



We will view the 15th century Castle Chapelof St George with its distinctive coats-of-arms of provincial governors. There you will be received by a castle scribe. 

A very relaxing part of the tour is a stroll through the Castle Hill to the Castle Vineyard, where a small surprise awaits you.

Your personal guide will then lead you through the beautiful historical halls where the provincial governor used to host ceremonial receptions and banquets. Today, they serve as venues for cultural events. Food for the soul will also be provided by viewing some of the current exhibitions. Another fun part of the visit is an opportunity to browse the shelves of the Castle Shop, where Friderik, the castle prison rat, awaits you. You will definitely want to take him home with you.

In the castle restaurant, you will be pampered by top chefs, whose culinary masterpieces are the perfect complement to the ambience of the restaurant with its hint of antiquity and timelessness. An intertwining of history, architecture and gastronomy.

We can create the final part of your private castle experience together, or, if you prefer, you are welcome to view certain content alone. We are certain that your memories of the Ljubljana Castle will be unforgettable!


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We would be glad to provide you with more information about the content and programme of the private castle experience “Ljubljana Castle for You”. Please call us or write us an email.


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Cheers! Castle wine shop and bar welcomes you!

Cheers! Castle wine shop and bar welcomes you!

Here’s to life in our wine bar and shop! There we have a really biiiiig selection of top quality Slovenian wines, so you can come back several times to try everything. Would you prefer white or red?

Meet Friderik, the castle rat!