The Ljubljana Castle has for decades been the most popular location to conduct marriages. It offers everything you need in one place, with its charming 15th century Chapel of St George in which church wedding ceremonies take place, its beautiful historical halls for wedding receptions, and its superb castle cuisine. Let the story of your life together begin in a place where the past goes hand in hand with the future.

Jasmina Pinoza, mag.

Assistant for Marketing

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Renting Halls for Marriage Ceremonies

HallMaximum capacity (number of persons)Price for one hourPrice for two hours
Signature Room of the Blue / White Hall 8 122,00 €  
Erasmus Tower (exterior location) 20 366,00 €  
Viewing Terrace and Erasmus Tower 20 427,00 €  
Frederick’s Room 1 20 219,60 € 305,00 €
Blue / White Hall 50 305,00 €  
Castle Chapel of St George 80 183,00 €  
Hribar Hall 100 610,00 € 671,00
Estates Hall with the Obhodna Hall 120 732,00 € 793,00 €
Palatium 150 610,00 € 671,00 €

Basic wedding programme:

  • state symbols;
  • hall lighting;
  • seating arrangement;
  • amplification of the registrar and the celebrant;
  • possibility of borrowing a cushion for the ring;
  • cleaning;
  • reservation of up to 10 parking spaces.

The cost of catering is not included in the price.

Within the framework of weddings in the White or Blue Hall, you have the option of taking photographs on the Viewing Terrace above the halls. In this case, the price for the one-hour rental of the White or Blue White Hall for the wedding and the Viewing Terrace for photography is €350.

In the event of a wedding in any hall at the Ljubljana Castle, prior consent must be obtained for photographing in the exterior locations of the castle and a payment must be made of €130 + VAT.

Due to the fact that the Ljubljana Castle is a cultural monument, serving food and drinks in the area of the Ljubljana Castle, the Castle Park and the parking area is not permitted. Throwing rice and confetti is not permitted, but soap bubbles are allowed and can be purchased in the shop at the Ljubljana Castle.

We recommend choosing one of the beautiful castle halls for the wedding reception. More information can be found here.


Same-Sex Weddings

On 24 February 2017, the Partner Relationship Act came into force. This Act governs registered partnership relationships and non-registered partnership relationships, as well as providing guidelines on the sensible application of the provisions of the Act governing marriage. A partnership relationship is a lifelong union of two women or two men, and the Partner Relationship Act regulates the conclusion, the legal consequences and the termination of such a relationship. In all legal areas, a partnership relationship has the same legal consequences as a marriage, unless otherwise stipulated by law.

The Ljubljana Castle, the recipient of an LGBT friendly certificate, is also a location for the marriage of same-sex couples.


How to apply for a civil wedding ceremony at the Ljubljana Administrative Unit (UE Ljubljana)

Future spouses should first contact Jasmina Pinoza (phone: 01/306 42 39 or e-mail: and discuss a tour of wedding halls. After that they can lodge an application for marriage with the Ljubljana Administrative Unit, at the Registrar’s Desk of the Department for Administrative Home Affairs, Tobačna ulica 5, Ljubljana, ground floor, or by phone 01/306 32 56 and 01/306 32 10, where more detailed information can be obtained regarding weddings and available dates.

Office hours for detailed information and application are:

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm,
  • Wednesday from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm,
  • Friday from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm.

The date of marriage is chosen by the spouses from among the available dates, while the time is determined according to the order of receipt of applications. When the future spouses decide on an available date, an official creates a record of the application to enter into marriage.

In order to apply to enter into marriage, the future spouses require identity documents and must provide information about the best man and the bride’s maid (name, date of birth, place of residence). If either of the future spouses has been married before and the administrative authority does not have proof of the dissolution of the marriage, proof of the termination of the previous marriage must also be submitted. 

In the event that a future spouse is a foreigner, in order to apply he/she needs:

  • a valid passport,
  • a birth certificate,
  • a certificate of unmarried status or other certificate stating his/her marital status,
  • a certificate of the country of nationality confirming that there are no impediments to entering into marriage.

The statements and certificates shall be issued for international use, and must therefore be properly certified and translated into Slovenian. If a future spouse or the best man or bride’s maid does not understand Slovenian, an official translator or court interpreter must be present at the registration and the marriage.

In addition to the required documents, written consent for the use of the location for marriage must also be submitted to the Ljubljana Administrative Unit. The application for entering into marriage shall be submitted 30 days prior to the intended date of marriage. The future spouses shall be cover the costs of entering into marriage to the amount of €170.00. These costs shall be paid into the current account of the Ljubljana Administrative Unit (UE Ljubljana) at least five days prior to the marriage.