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Sustainability vision of the Ljubljana Castle

The Ljubljana Castle is a technologically modern, sustainable and accessible complex. It has been completely renovated and maintained in accordance with the guidelines and trends of the protection and presentation of cultural heritage. It offers innovative ways of cultural expression and the organisation of business and social meetings. At the Ljubljana Castle, the excellence of Slovenian cuisine is reflected. The Ljubljana Castle is the flagship of Slovenian (cultural) tourism, as it sets trends with its tourism products, which are sustainable and socially responsible. Through its operation, it conveys to the world an awareness that the castle and its surroundings are a place with a historically rich past as well as a place of outstanding and diverse creativity.

The potential of the Castle Hill is fully exploited. The removal of stationary traffic from its green areas means that it is even more connected to the castle and forms an integral part of its offer. With the help of advanced technologies, it also offers the possibility of expanding existing activities or establishing completely new content in the fields of culture, education, leisure and interactive tourism. All of the events on the Castle Hill take place in such a way that they do not endanger its natural and cultural features, so it remains a green oasis above the city. Together with the castle, it provides visitors with an opportunity for spending quality leisure time and is worth devoting a whole day to.

The Ljubljana Castle is a unique intertwining of history and the present, with an orientation towards the future. As such, it has become a recognisable symbol of the capital city and a cultural attraction that, due to its uniqueness and its historical and natural features, attracts visitors from all over the world. During the period of operation of the Ljubljana Castle Public Institute (since 2011), it has established itself in the field of culture as a nexus of various arts, always leaving a lasting imprint and memory of the past in visitors.

The sustainability strategy is visually communicated at the Ljubljana Castle through the inscriptions THINK, ACT and SHARE. THINK encourages visitors and employees to reflection on and awareness of the importance of sustainability. ACT encourages active participation and the achievement of the established goals and measures. SHARE invites visitors and employees to spread the idea of a sustainable vision of the Ljubljana Castle.

The sustainability vision of the Ljubljana Castle has three areas: management, the environment and the community.


With its renovation, which has largely been completed, the Ljubljana Castle has become an example of good practice due to the fact that it constantly follows trends. In the field of renovating old buildings, it is an example of how environmental impact can be reduced by persistence and by finding the most suitable solutions, thus contributing to solving the environmental issues of sustainable tourism. By creating new programmes that do not burden the environment, the Ljubljana Castle has strengthened its locally and internationally recognised role in a capital city that is itself a model and example of finding excellent solutions to a range of environmental issues. Among other things, this is reflected in the title of Green Capital of Europe, which was held by Ljubljana in 2016.

The Ljubljana Castle SHARES its vision and its leading role in connecting cultural heritage and tourism both locally and internationally.


The optimal reduction of negative impacts on the environment, how to reduce energy and water consumption, is one of the main tasks of THINK, which the Ljubljana Castle follows both in the creation of new programmes and in the renewal of ACTS that have already been realised. The Ljubljana Castle has also demonstrated its orientation in an interesting way throughout the period of renovation, during which awareness of negative impacts on the environment has become more and more present. In this way, the Ljubljana Castle SHARES with others, serving as a role model for all those who have opted for similar or identical paths.



  • Don’t flush the loo more than you have too.
  • “Zap the tap.”                                                                                              
  • If anything leaks, be the first to report it.
Water Consumption
    • Water consumption is regularly monitored. Staff identify major deviations on an ongoing basis and determine the necessary measures to reduce consumption.
    • Employees regularly inspect the state of the castle’s rooms and other public areas. In the event of a leak or other irregularity in the plumbing system, we respond quickly and rectify the problem.


REDUCE ENERGY.                                                          

  • Turn the lights off when leaving the workplace.
Energy Consumption
    • Some years ago, we decided to make a large investment in energy-saving LED lamps and installed them wherever possible. Today, about 90 percent of all of the lights at the Ljubljana Castle are LED lamps. Wherever possible, we have installed sensors to automatically turn lights on and off.
    • We installed an ice bank several years ago, which allows us to use significantly less energy to cool rooms.
    • We regularly monitor the consumption of various energy sources. If, with the help of our staff, major deviations are identified, the necessary measures to reduce consumption are determined.
    • If it is not possible or feasible the repair electrical appliances, we replace them with energy-saving ones. If electrical devices break down, we verify whether they can be repaired. If the repair turns out to be unfeasible, we purchase an energy-saving replacement device. For appliances that consume a large quantity of energy, we undertake regular preventive inspections, thus ensuring continuous optimal operation.



The best way to manage waste is not to produce it, but we are aware how impossible that sounds. The least we can do is to RECYCLE. There is a list on every rubbish bin cover, which makes recycling easy and smooth.

Community (employees/ tenants/ suppliers/ local community)

We THINK about local providers and actively contribute to the success of their businesses by promoting local products, services and experiences among our guests.

At the Ljubljana Castle, we have three tenants in the field of hospitality, all of whom ACT by choosing the best local products and services for our common guests, thus ensuring that they enjoy unique experiences with a local touch. With our guests, we SHARE:

•    locally produced food and drinks,
•    a unique opportunity to access drinking water from drinking fountains,
•    information on walking paths and opportunities to explore the city on foot or by bike,
•    information on local providers of trips and excursions in Ljubljana and Slovenia.

It is the employees of the Ljubljana Castle who take care of the realisation of the basic vision of the Ljubljana Castle, so we follow a responsible personnel policy:

•    by carefully selecting all new employees, students and external collaborators,
•    by regularly updating work standards, enabling all employees to work according to the same norms,  
•    by goal-oriented leadership and motivation of employees,  
•    by verifying employee satisfaction with an annual survey,  
•    by mutually fulfilling the agreed rights and duties.

Our goal is to employ the best and provide them with fair pay for the ACTS they undertake.

At the Ljubljana Castle, we offer a diverse range of exhibitions in cooperation with the Ljubljana Fine Artists Society and the Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies. In the field of musical cultural events, we cooperate with the music society ETNOBEAT, the institute Godibodi and the public institute Imago Sloveniae, among others.
In this way, we promote Slovenian culture and encourage guests to SHARE cultural experiences.