A rag doll is a toy that is known in all cultures of the world. In the past, rag dolls provided many children with good company during their childhood, but in this UNICEF project it symbolises a child from a developing country who needs our help.

In partnership with UNICEF Slovenia, we are announcing an exhibition in the Pentagonal Tower, where visitors will have an opportunity to adopt a rag doll – take it home or give it as a lovely holiday gift. For a donation of €20.00 UNICEF is able to vaccinate one child against six contagious children’s diseases. The rag doll thus acquires a new home, while a child in a developing country gains an opportunity for a healthy life, which is why the project bears the slogan adopt a doll and save a child. In recent years, the project Rag Doll has enabled UNICEF Slovenia to save more than 18,500 children’s lives.

The opening of the charity exhibition of colourful rag dolls will take place on Thursday, 6 December at 6.00 pm. This pleasant gathering in the pre-holiday atmosphere will host the performance “Clash of the Accordions”, in which Miha Debevec and Dejan Kušer will display their distinctive musical expression, with sensitive interpretation and virtuoso mastery of their musical instruments. Having combined the classical and diatonic button accordion, their musical expression has become virtually limitless. You are kindly invited to join us!

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We recommend using the funicular railway to visit the exhibition.

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