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Ljubljana’s Castle Rat

Friderik is the castle prison rat. Although he shares his name with Emperor Frederick III of Habsburg, who erected the fortress on the Castle Hill, he has in fact lived here much longer. He knows all of the castle secrets and every castle stone. If you meet him, he can tell you many interesting stories or give you an idea for an attractive gift from the Castle Shop.



In fact, I’m Friderik the First, because I’m always the first. I was the first in the battle ranks against castle invaders. During Napoleon’s time, I was the first in Ljubljana to learn French kissing. I got on well with Emperor Frederick III. When there were still dungeons in the castle, I lived there because it was where I could find the best company. I enjoyed the adventures of Erasmus Lueger, the stories of Ivan Cankar, and so on. In exchange, I told them about everything I heard during my wanderings in the castle rooms and under the tables of the castle feasts. Would you like to know these stories too?

Come and visit me!

Friderik the Castle Rat's Tales
Friderik the Castle Rat's Tales

Friderik the Castle Rat's Tales

Follow the adventures of Friderik the Castle Rat over three periods in the history of Ljubljana Castle, in this picture book.


Castle Shop

Beneath the Castle Coffee House, just behind the castle entrance, many of Friderik’s ingenious ideas await you on the shelves of a concept shop. Each gift or souvenir is a unique product. The high quality and attractively designed products have Friderik’s castle character and are the work of Slovenian manufacturers. In addition to a fun shopping opportunity, the Info Centre awaits you there, as well.

Friderik’s Top 5 Ideas

Enamel Cup

Friderik can also take care of your favourite drink. This enamel cup will take you back to your childhood.

Castle Wine

Quality white or red wine from the Castle Vineyard, 2020 vintage.

Cook book: Foods of Times – Time for Food

We invite you to board a gastronomical time machine taking you through Ljubljana Castle as it developed over hundreds of years. Find out how life changed in the surrounding city, and above all, learn how people ate – from the Middle Ages until today.

Shopping Bag

This organic cotton bag is just the right size and just the right amount of fun. You can carry it in your hand or over your shoulder.

Lip Balm in a Ball

Friderik loves to pamper everyone around him. He adores natural ingredients of local origin, healthy products and soft lips.

Friderik and the Castle Secret …

… is the title of the family guide that you receive free of charge with the purchase of a family ticket. In it, Friderik leads children along an educational trail and reveals the secrets and special features of the castle. On their journey, children encounter six challenges set by Frederik. If they successfully complete these challenges, Friderik will entrust them with the greatest castle secret of all, which is carefully guarded by the castle’s mighty walls. It’s time for an unforgettable adventure!

Castle Tour for Families
Friderik and the Castle Secret …
Friderik and the Castle Secret …

Opening Hours

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There are so many wonderful things I’d like to show you at the castle. Unfortunately, I can’t take you around personally, but our guides will be happy to. You’ll have a great time.

Meet Friderik, the castle rat!