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Experiment in Performative (Self-)Portraiture


from 14. Oct 2021 to 30. Jan 2022, from 10:00 to 18:00, “S” Gallery, Ljubljana Castle

The experiment 48 explores dimensions of portraiture in which people accustomed to acting in front of and for a camera and an audience, on the one hand, and a photographer, on the other, are exposed to intense contact. The artist spent 48 hours with each of the five people portrayed in an enclosed white space, without external influences, without the influence of time and modern technology, with only basic necessities. In an attempt to capture a raw authentic portrait, and at the same time translate the complexity of the established relationship, the range of emotions and the prevailing atmosphere into visual language, the artist used various techniques to capture the images, from medium format cameras and Polaroids to video. The resulting portraits thus reflect and suggest the essence of the whole experiment and that which we do not actually see in the images: the experience of exchange, tension and mutual influence of the person portrayed and the photographer, which is something we can only sense. The portraits serve as a kind of document and at the same time represent a fragment, one of the possible depictions and performances of a certain person.

Collaborators: Jurij Drevenšek, Mojca Fatur, Nina Ivanišin, Klemen Janežič, Lara Wolf
Exhibition curation and design: Jasna Jernejšek


Free admission