Music: Ivan Šoštarič, cello
Guest of the evening: Alja Öfors, Swedish Slovenian

‘’Vad jag har skrivit är skrivet mellan raderna.’’

This autumn, the Ljubljana castle is to open its doors to yet another cycle which shall enrich the range of the artistic contents that already exist in its repertoire. The first poetic cycle, entitled ‘’Colours of Love’’, will introduce the subtle note of interpreting and listening to poetry in different languages, from the perspective of here and now.

The cycle is to be conceived and performed by Tajda Lekše, presenter, linguist and translator. In her words, ‘’A single poem can in a given moment save your life, it can restore its lustre and meaning. A lyrical poet doesn’t need a genial or a revolutionary idea; instead, he yearns to imbue a single solitary moment with an unforgettable depth and nostalgia. In its purest expression poetry is the essence of life.’’

The author will take us for a stroll through five European countries and eras; in the first part of the evening through an artistic recital of poems in the original language and translation, which is to merge with an equally lyrical sound of a classical instrument. In the second part of the evening a conversation with an interesting personality will unveil the pathways of the poet’s innermost landscape.

To the Swedish poet Gunnar Ekelöf writing poetry meant remembering and creating – oneself. A mystical modernist, an innovator and a visionary, indefinable and complex, was during his life to a large extent misunderstood; today he is considered one of the most important Scandinavian poets of the 20th century. His poetry is highly paradoxical. Although born into an aristocratic family, he wrote about ‘’the only practical, for all equal’’. Though critical of Christianity he filled his poetry with transcendental feelings and depths. His poetry is bathed in the colours of the Swedish countryside – the colours of its soul. His lonesome figure, standing apart from the existing literary movements – his voice in the night, inner and humanly close – sums up not only his unique path as a poet, but also the voice of a man in his chosen inner solitude.

The cellist Ivan Šoštarič will bring a dimension of depth and wisdom of silence into the recital of the chosen poetry, the silence existing beyond words and sounds. YELLOW in the colour of the sun, golden in the colour of the night.

Sponsors of the evening:
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Admission for individual evening: 12,00 €, 9,00 €* students, pensioners, groups of more than 15 people
Admission for the entire cycle: 48,00 €, 36,00 €* students, pensioners, groups of more than 15 people
Ticket sales: The Info Centre at the Ljubljana Castle, the lower funicular station, and all sales points (including Petrol service stations and Kompas branch offices around Slovenia).

Ticket price includes a return ticket for the funicular railway.

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