4th concert from the cycle Milko Lazar & Matjaž Drevenšek with Guests at the Ljubljana Castle 2015

In the music world today, we encounter composers and performers who follow very different creative paths; some are narrowly profiled, almost subspecialised, while others establish their creative space extremely broadly. Amongst the latter, we find the creators of the programme of five concerts at the Ljubljana Castle – Milko Lazar and Matjaž Drevenšek. Although they took “their” instruments as the point of departure – the saxophone, the piano and the harpsichord – they will, in the course of the five evenings, create a kaleidoscope of compositions across various periods and styles with the help of internationally acclaimed colleagues and friends (Zlatko Kaučič, the SOS Saxophone Orchestra, Marko Hatlak, the Zagreb Saxophone Quartet, Vasilij  Meljnikov, Nino de Gleria, Brane Zorman and others). We will witness an apparent confrontation of the old and the new (J. S. Bach – Aldo Kumar and Milko Lazar), as well as unusual combinations of instruments (accordion, saxophone, harpsichord) and genres (ethno and minimalism, acoustic and electronic instruments, etc.). On this musical journey, we will discover both music and ourselves. As Milko Lazar put it: “Deep down, every person is ethno. When we learn the rules of life and how to engage with it we largely forget about that ancient core within us. But whoever sets out anew, with honest intentions, on this long and unpredictable search, is bound to rediscover the hidden core within, finding oneself in the process.”

“In the Garden of your Love”

Zagreb Saxophone Quartet (Dragan Sremec, Goran Merčep, Saša Nestorović, Matjaž Drevenšek), guest Milko Lazar
Ethno music the minimalist way (original music by M. Lazar, E. A. del Borgo, B. Šipuš, P. Glass)

The saxophone quartet with the longest tradition in Slovenia’s wider neighbourhood –  last year it celebrated the 25th anniversary of its foundation in its present form – will present contemporary art music for this ensemble. Their guest will be the host of the cycle of five concerts, Milko Lazar. Bringing together ethno and minimalism in the works of two American composers – Elliot del Borg and Philip Glass – the Croatian ensemble will set out for the “Garden of Love” by Berislav Šipuš and, in the course of this ethno-minimalist walk, join with their Slovenian host.

 10,00 €, 7,00 €* students, pensioners, groups of more than 15 people
Ticket sales: The Info Centre at the Ljubljana Castle, the lower funicular station, www.ljubljanskigrad.si and all www.mojekarte.si sales points (including Petrol service stations and Kompas branch offices around Slovenia).

To attend the event we recommend that visitors use the funicular railway. Visitors to the concert cycle are eligible to purchase a return ticket for the funicular railway at a reduced fare. Funicular railway operates for 30 minutes after the end of the event.


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