Puppet performances at the Ljubljana Castle

Faustus was born in 1938(!) in Milan Klemenčič’s theatre, and Mr Klemenčič’s family and some friends gave him life in the theatre. 
In 1982 Jelena Sitar and Igor Cvetko revived the performance at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre for the very first time, adapting it a little bit in the process. Twenty-seven years later the old puppet masters pass the puppets down to a new team, the fourth this time.

This performance is a valuable treasure, our puppet history’s most precious jewel, which deserves the status of a cultural monument. 
Around Europe Faustus has kept company with puppets for centuries, and our Faustus is undoubtedly a part of this story. Klemenčič’s magic masterpiece with ten-centimetre marionettes is famous worldwide, a treat for those who adore the art of puppets and for theatre experts all around the world. 

Click here for a short "behind the scenes" video.

The puppet play is performed with English subtitles. 

Admission: 5,00 €

Ticket sales: the Info Centre at the Ljubljana Castle, the lower funicular station and the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre box office (from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00 and every Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00). The tickets are also available online and on all www.mojekarte.si sales points.

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