The Sign of a Common Denominator

The assertive appearance of a group of artists from Vienna and Munich under the original name Melange (featured in the White Box in Munich in 2012 and in the Viennese Kunstlerhaus in 2014) is this year being joined by a group from Ljubljana - six female members of the Ljubljana Fine Artists Society. They will appear under an extended name in this year’s project Melange Expanded – Transformation of Reality, firstly in Vienna and then in Ljubljana (Gallery DLUL, na Bregu 22 and in Kazemate at Ljubljana Castle). The Ljubljana partners certainly embrace the same attitude; above all that the artist’s role should be more independent and his/her public appearance should not depend only on the demands of the art-market, the biased critic or influential art-collectors. Similarly the independent role of societies should be re-established in the new Slovenian state. They should on the one hand be unhindered by the repressive diktats of liberal capitalism and on the other be tolerant towards various segments of visual production acknowledging both the relevant classical mediums as well as the so called new media.


Slovenia: Eva Petrič, Maša Gala, Paola Korošec, Polona Demšar, Saba Skaberne and Taja Ivančič

Austria: Hansjürgen Gartner, Joachim Lothar Gartner, Georg Lebzelter, Hannes Mlenek, Walter Weer and Robert Zahornicky

Germany: Michael von Cube, Lucia Delefant, F. Jörg Haberland, King Kong Kunstkabinett, Dieter Rehm and Timm Ulrichs

Co-organiser of the exhibition: The Ljubljana Fine Artists Society

Curators: Aleksander Bassin, Michael von Cube, F. Jörg Haberland, Joachim Lothar Gartner

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