Paleolithic OpArt is an exhibition, placed in the "cave environment" of the Upper lapidarium, the reservoir and the basement  level of the pentagonal tower at the Ljubljana Castle. It takes visitors through the geometric patterns that mankind had learnt already in the Paleolithic as well as in the Neolithic on various subjects (containers, bracelets, sculptures, clothing), and then discovered them anew through Op art in the 20th century.

The author of the exhibited works is Prof. Dr. Slavik Jablan, one of the pioneers of visual mathematics, who, in his research, devoted himself to the fundamental Op tiles of these patterns.

The exhibition gives the visitors an understanding of the concept of visual mathematics through computer graphics, large mazes, the hypercube, 3D objects and modular games. Visitors will be invited to independently explore and create patterns of Paleolithic Op art and mazes.

Curators of the exhibition:  Lidija Đikanović, Borut Korošec, Mateja Budin.

In collaboration with the Institute Mathema.

The exhibition comes under the 3rd International Conference of Mathematics and Art of the European Society for Mathematics and the Arts (ESMA), and will be held from 21st – 25th September in Ljubljana.


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