Dragons are mythological creatures that have always stirred the human imagination and are known to almost all peoples of the world. They are regarded as the rulers of the heavens, the earth and the underworld. In some places, they were honoured and are still honoured today, whereas elsewhere they represented a threat from which people needed to be protected.

Thus, it is not possible to answer the seemingly uncomplicated question “What is a dragon?” in a simple and ambiguous way. On the guided tour, we will lift the veil on many of the secrets related to the myths, legends and truth about dragons. What is so special about this mythological creature – which never actually existed – that it found a place in so many cultures, including those that do not have a great deal in common with each other? Or is there perhaps a grain of truth concealed in the stories about dragons?

Ticket price:
– adults: €10.00, €12.00 (with the funicular)
– school pupils, students, pensioners and groups of more than 15 persons: €7.00, €8.40 (with the funicular)

By purchasing this ticket our visitors are also entitled to visit other Castle Contents.

Duration: 1 hour

Gathering point: Info Centre at the Ljubljana Castle

Ticket sales: sales points at the Ljubljana Castle, lower funicular station, www.ljubljanskigrad.si and all www.mojekarte.si sales points (including Petrol service stations and branches of Kompas throughout Slovenia).

We recommend using the funicular railway to attend the guided tour. Ticketholders are entitled to a reduced fare for a return journey.




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