Castle Music

03. October 2019 - 05. October 2019

The programme of Castle Music, which we are preparing for the fifth time this year, features three concerts by renowned singers, musicians and ensembles, all of whom share a passion for the connection of classical and popular music.

Although she expresses her creativity in the style of contemporary electronic pop, Raiven draws part of her inspiration from the field of classical music. The harp remains an indispensable part of her concerts, and the electronic band for her new project is joined by strings.
Three trained opera singers, Zala Hodnik, Urška Kastelic and Eva Pavli, will collaborate with classical musicians and DJ JAMirko to present the one-off project Tosca Beat, in which opera singing and classics are blended with urban rhythms and popular club electronic music.
The closing concert will feature Anja Bukovec, an internationally renowned violinist and superb musician, skilled in the unique interweaving of classical, pop, ethno and film music.






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