Sculptress Dragica Čadež is one of the first Slovenian artists who considered sculpture as an open shape which spills into the space so the viewer doesn’t experience the work of art only by standing beside it but also by travelling through the form. A thorough overview and analysis of the more important works of Dragica Čadež which are organised in cycles, reveals the great variety of her art. As the basic material of her creation the sculptress chose wood through which she reached into the world of shapes and relations and searched through various structures and visual possibilities. However in her more recent work she has chosen to work in clay.

Undoubtedly Dragica Čadež belongs among the most outstanding Slovenian artists; as a sculptress she has achieved a significant place in Slovenian history, especially in Slovenian fine art with her extensive body of work. Her creative power is huge and the pleasure she gets through her artistic work is genuine and relaxed and above all direct and unselfish leaving an undeniable mark in our art history.

Curator of the exhibition, Dr. Sarival Sosič

In cooperation with the Fine Artist's Society of Ljubljana.


We recommend using the funicular railway to visit the exhibition.

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