The exhibition Edi Šelhaus: Photographic Highlights is yet another thematic exhibition from rich fund of photographs by Edi Šelhaus, one of Slovenian’s best-known photojournalists. The collection of his works is held by the Slovenian Museum of Contemporary History. On this occasion, we have prepared a selection of photographs from the world of film, theatre, radio and television. The exhibition serves as an introduction to a retrospective exhibition of photographs by Edi Šelhaus that will be prepared by the Slovenian Museum of Contemporary History to mark the centenary of the photographer’s birth.
The photographs in the exhibition Edi Šelhaus: Photographic Highlights were taken in the period from 1958 to 1973, with the addition of one earlier photograph from 1945. They feature highlights from the filming of Slovenian and foreign films, from the Venice Film Festival, and from the backstage of film or theatre events, as well as shots from theatrical performances and television shows, images of radio and television announcers in studios, and so on. Among the exhibited works are photographs related to the films Ples v dežju, Robin Hood, Pastirci, Ograda, Jutro and Maškarada, to the television series VOS II and Cvetje v jeseni, to directors France Štiglic (who was also born one century ago), Boštjan Hladnik, France Kosmač, Andre Hieng, Veljko Bulajić and Puriša Đorđević, to theatre and film actors Stane Sever, Lojze Drenovec, Frane Milčinski (aka Ježek), Duša Počkaj, Polde Bibič, Marija Lojk, Špela Rozin, Kirk Douglas, Mel Ferrer, Marcello Mastroianni, Franco Nero and Catherine Spaak, to the first entertainment television shows and the first television news broadcast in Slovenian, and to radio and television announcers Julka Vahen, Marija Velkavrh, Ana Mlakar, Iva Korošec, Nataša Dolenc, Vili Vodopivec, Marjan Kralj, Sašo Vuga, Jana Osojnik, and others. With these photographs, we also mark the 90th anniversary of radio and the 60th anniversary of television in Slovenia.

Exhibition curator: Jožica Šparovec

The photography exhibition has been prepared in cooperation with the Slovenian Museum of Contemporary History.


We recommend using the funicular railway to visit the exhibition.

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