The festival Godibodi has become a synonym for high-quality Slovenian original and ethno music, as well as for a comprehensive concert experience presenting a series of fresh music projects. It gets underway in the last week of May in the summer garden of Hostel Celica and features concerts by Jernej Zoran in Ministrstvo resnice, Fed Horses, Edna, Ethnotrip with guests, Adam Klemm Banda, and Klemen Kotar & Dušni pastirji. The festival concludes in the courtyard of the Ljubljana Castle with the project Sounds of Slovenia under the baton of renowned Slovenian accordionist and composer Janez Dovč, bringing together more than twenty musicians.


The fourth festival day will feature: Janez Dovč & Sounds of Slovenia.

Under the artistic leadership of accordionist and composer Janez Dovč, the musicians of Sounds of Slovenia present the Slovenian folk tradition in contemporary and lively arrangements. The artists have developed a special sense for the counterpoint between the traits of various music traditions and the freedom of personal expression. At the end of the modern period, it is no longer merely a case of the renaissance, but the resonance of a space; not only sonority, but sonorousness; not just telling, but tuning. Folk music is a memory of ancient times, an echo of a space that bears within itself the diversity of Slovenian landscapes. With the concert we seek to show the meaning of the richness of difference and how important diversity is, not only in the cultural sphere, but in the economic and political world, as well. In the twelve years of their activities, the musicians of Sounds of Slovenia have performed at many venues in Slovenia and abroad. With this year’s concert production, the superb artists will present a new programme focused on arrangements with acoustic, vocal and electronic sounds.

Marino Kranjac – vocals, violin, bagpipes, mandola, mandolin, sopile
Klemen Kotar – saxophone, keyboards
Boštjan Gombač – vocals, clarinet, whistles, sound producers
Gregor Volk – guitar, vocals
Robert Pikl – guitar
Goran Krmac – tuba, bass, electronics
Kristijan Krajnčan – drums, percussion, cello
Janez Dovč – accordion, keyboards, electronics
Metod Banko - vocals
Petra Vidmar - marimba, percussion

Maroltovke Vocal Ensemble

From 29. 5. to 31. 5. 2019 don't miss out Godibodi concerts in Summer garden of Hostel Celica with Jernej Zoran in Ministrstvo resnice, Fed Horses, Edna, Ethnotrip with guests, Adam Klemm Banda, and Klemen Kotar & Dušni pastirji. More info here.

Ticket price for each concert day: €12.00, €9.00*
Ticket price for the entire festival: €29.00, €22.00*
The ticket price includes a return journey on the funicular railway.
*students, pensioners, groups of more than 15 persons


Ticket sales: Entrance Pavilion at the Ljubljana Castle, Hostel Celica reception, the lower funicular station, and all sales points (including Petrol service stations and Kompas branches throughout Slovenia).

All concerts at the Godibodi festival start at exactly 20:30 due to the recording.

In case of bad weather the concert will be in the Hribar Hall.



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