In 2006, instead of taking pictures of animals in their natural environment as he usually does, National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore decided to create some formal portraits of animals living in captivity. From these beginnings, the project Photo Ark emerged (The Photographer’s Noah’s Ark), which is the result of cooperation between Sartore and the National Geographic Society. Sartore, who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, travels around the world taking portraits of animals. His aim is to create images of as many animal species living in captivity as possible. Why? Because some of them may disappear forever.
The fruits of Sartore’s work are invaluable – and simply inspiring. In the “S” Gallery, 25 touching portraits of animals will be on display. “I want to attract people’s attention, so that they fall in love with these animals and do something about it,” says Sartore. You are warmly invited to view the exhibition!

Curator of the exhibition: Arne Hodalič


The exhibition has been prepared in cooperation with National Geographic Slovenija.



We recommend that visitors use the funicular railway to attend the photographic exhibition. 

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