Dragonologists have discovered that not only dragon offspring are hidden in dragon eggs – they also contain big secrets. But what kind of secrets? In order to find out, we invited Slovenian primary school pupils to the Junior Art Eco-Competition entitled The Secret of the Dragon’s Egg. We received very interesting artworks and answers!

Are you curious about the dragon’s secrets? We reveal them at an exhibition of children’s artworks from the 10th Junior Art Eco-Exhibition. But beware! Dragon eggs are never left alone. Just as dragons are good protectors of treasures, they also carefully protect their own eggs, let alone the secrets associated with them. While exploring, you have to be very careful that the dragons don’t notice you. If you are up to this challenge and dare to step into the dragon’s cave, then come along.

The jury composed of: dr. Bea Tomšič Amon, Irena Cerar and Andreja Dular have chosen the 20 most imaginative among all incoming dragon eggs, which will also be exhibited. The first three places are:

- 1st place: Tia Štekar, 10 years: Little dragons are saving our planet; OŠ Deskle, mentor: Ada Zimic-Ozebek

- 2nd place: Nuša Škrjanec, 9 years: Dragon’s Egg

- 3rd place: Ajda Ftičar, 8 years: Dragon’s Egg; 2. OŠ Slovenska Bistrica, mentor: Andreja Pogorevc

The competition is organised by National Geographic Junior in cooperation with the Ljubljana Castle.

We recommend using the funicular railway to visit the exhibition.

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