June Sundays in the Castle Courtyard of the Ljubljana Castle will be something really special! Passers-by will be able to dance to the melodies of the accordion together with the dancers of the France Marolt Student Folk Dance Group.

At 12 noon on Sunday 7, 14, 21 and 28 of June, there will be dance workshops at the Ljubljana Castle led by the dancers of the France Marolt Student Folk Dance Group of Ljubljana. To the sounds of the accordion, they will demonstrate the diversity of Slovenian folk dance – our cultural heritage is very rich indeed.

Take an hour and learn the “kosmatač”, the “nojkatoliš”, the “denček”, the mazurka, etc.  

Dance with us in the Castle Courtyard!

In the case of bad weather, the dance workshops will be cancelled or postponed to “beautiful times” in July.  


About the France Marolt Student Folk Dance Group

The France Marolt Student Folk Dance Group was founded in 1948 by France Marolt, the first Slovenian ethnomusicologist. With just three dance pairs, he established the foundation for the development of the largest Slovenian folklore group, which today performs both in Slovenia and abroad, thrilling audiences again and again with its annual production on the largest stage in Slovenia, the Gallus Hall of the Cankarjev Dom Cultural Centre in Ljubljana. In its 15 years of continuous operation, the group has earned numerous awards and prizes. It is most proud of the Golden Order of Freedom of the Republic of Slovenia and the status of a society that works in the public interest in the field culture. The group, which is part of the Student Organisation of the University of Ljubljana, is currently made up of 125 members divided into three dance groups and two orchestras. The artistic director of the group is Tomaž Simetinger, who took over the leadership from Prof. Mirko Ramovš. The group gives more than 60 concerts, short performances and workshops each year, as well as undertaking numerous independent projects. It can boast numerous protocol appearances, full houses at Cankarjev Dom, and a team of performers with substantial dance experience and vocal training.

To attend the event we recommend that visitors use the funicular railway.

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