“How much effort it cost me to finally convince the Austrian bureaucrats to allow me to purchase our castle in the name of the city! If my memory is not failing me, we signed the contract on Tuesday 16 May 1905. What an optimist I was, back then! I had great plans for the castle – we were going to convert it into the centre of cultural life in the city, with museums, galleries, beautiful rooms with inns, large halls for gatherings and dances, etc.” 

On Saturday 16 May 2015, you are warmly invited to join us in the Castle Courtyard to celebrate this important anniversary. We will turn the clock back 110 years and mark the day when the Ljubljana Castle became the property of the city. In the company of the Photographer, the Stargazer, the Seductress, the Clairvoyante, the Dancer, the vibrant Brencl Band, urban ladies and gentlemen, and even the Mayor Ivan Hribar himself, the Ana Monro Theatre will convey us to the time of exquisite city cafes, one of which is located in the Castle Courtyard. The coffee will taste particularly good with a slice of the delicious new Ljubljana Castle Cake prepared by the pastry masters of the Lolita Kaval Group. The cake is baked according to the recipes of the time and will be cut at noon sharp.

We recommend using the funicular railway to visit the Ljubljana Castle. During the Castle Days, there will be a reduced fare for a return ticket for the funicular railway.

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