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Estates Hall

The Estates Hall is made up of two interconnected halls, the Concert Hall and the Sentinel Hall. They are used as a whole, as the entry to the Sentinel Hall is only possible through the Concert Hall. The Estates Hall belongs to the group of representative spaces in the tract where the Palatium and Friderick's Room I. are located. On one side of the Estates Hall, a view opens up over the Castle Courtyard, while a passageway leads to the Sentinel Hall, from which there is a view of the old city centre.

Estates Hall

  • Size
  • Size164 m2
  • Length21.6 m
  • Width7.6 m
  • Seating
  • Default40 persons
  • Gala dinner120 persons
  • Cinema150 persons
  • Self-serve buffet200 persons
  • Price
  • Rent for 1 day2,900.00 € + VAT
  • Rent for 1 hour700.00 € + VAT

Sentinel Hall

  • Size
  • Size203 m2
  • Lenght34.6 m
  • Width5.8 m
  • Seating
  • Default40 persons
  • Gala dinner120 persons
  • Cinema80 persons
  • Self-serve buffet150 persons

Capacities are of an informative nature and depend also on the wishes of the client. The final capacity is determined according to all confirmed technical requirements for the event.

Tloris - Stanovska dvorana

Technical Equipment Included

  • Digital sound mixing desk - DIGICO SD11, SD stage box (1 pc)
  • Wireless microphone set SHURE ULXD4Q, handheld and headset (4 pcs)
  • Media player APART PCR3000R (1 pc)
  • Speakers Line array Nexo GeoM12 (6 pcs)
  • Speaker Nexo MSUB18 (2 pcs)
  • Amplifier Nexo NXAMP4X4
  • Lighting control system MA Lighting OnPC Command Wing (1 pc)
  • Moving head spotlight ROBE ROBIN LEDBeam 150 (14 pcs)
  • Professional LED profile Spotlight ProfiLED 200 (6 pcs)
  • Motorised video screen with projection surface 450 x 450 cm (1 pc)
  • Video projector Christie D12HD-H, luminosity 12,000 AnsoLumen (1 pc)
  • Motorised rising podiums 6 x 8 m (the biggest possible size)

Additional Technical Equipment

When renting a hall, additional technical equipment is available at an additional cost and by prior arrangement.

Price list of additional technical equipment

Today’s Estates Hall occupies the former living spaces of the provincial governor at the Ljubljana Castle. The architectural remains of the hall bear witness to the gradual construction of the castle’s rooms, while the hall’s origins are attributed to a provincial governor from the Lamberg family. The sources mention a small housekeeper’s room, a large new room with a study, servant’s quarters and a guardroom. All of the rooms were heated and there were bathroom facilities next to the housekeeper’s room. All of the former rooms have been combined into a single space, which, together with a tract added in the prison period, form the Estates Hall.

In 2008, the British Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh held a banquet in the Estates Hall.

For the renovation of the Estates Hall and the adjacent Palatium, Biro Ambient (M. Kerin, M. Kregar and E. Ravnikar) received a Plečnik Medal for their important contribution to the development of Slovenian architecture.

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We accept inquiries via our email address. When submitting an inquiry, please include: the date of the event, the number of guests, the layout, and the equipment required. We will do our best to reply as soon as possible and meet your needs to the greatest possible extent, so as to ensure the perfect space for your event!

Contact for renting

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Assistant for Marketing

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Assistant for Marketing

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It is also possible to rent a combination of halls. The full price list can be found here.

Certificate »Safe and Healthy Meetings and Events«

The Slovenian Convention Bureau has prepared in cooperation with the National Institute for Public Health (NIJZ) the standards for “Safe and Healthy Meetings and Events