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Estates Hall

The Estates Hall is made up of two interconnected halls, the Concert Hall and the Sentinel Hall. They are used as a whole, as the entry to the Sentinel Hall is only possible through the Concert Hall. The Estates Hall belongs to the group of representative spaces in the tract where the Palatium is located. It is possible for two events to take place in the separate spaces; for example, a concert in one and a reception in the other. The space can accommodate up to 120 people.

  • Price
  • Rent for 1 hour732.00 €
  • Rent for 2 hours793.00 €

Contact for weddings

Jasmina Pinoza, MSc

Assistant for Marketing

+386 1 306 42 39

+386 31 715 242

Certificate »Safe and Healthy Meetings and Events«

The Slovenian Convention Bureau has prepared in cooperation with the National Institute for Public Health (NIJZ) the standards for “Safe and Healthy Meetings and Events