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Spatial Installation

Ana Lazovski: The Magic of Millinery

from 16. May to 22. Sep 2024, from 9:00 to 20:00, Pentagonal Tower, Ljubljana Castle

The creative work of Ana Lazovski can be summed up in one word – SORCERESS.

Under Ana’s fingers, among textiles, threads, glues, aluminium and gold dust, real magic is created. The materials are transformed into form and form becomes art.

I have known Ana for many years and I have always called her an artist – free from the beginning and brilliant to the end. There is no challenge or obstacle that would intimidate Ana and bring her to a halt. There is no material, story or concept that is too big for her imagination and the broad field of her activities. There is no colour or texture, no shape or consistency that Ana will fail to transform into a useful article to adorn the lives of her clients.

Her work is difficult, but, at the same time, it is so simple and ingenious that it arouses curiosity and amazes everyone. The more difficult and impossible the task seems at first, the more Anna’s eyes light up and the wider her smile. That is how I know that her hands will once again give rise to wonderful work.

Her creative work is not difficult to understand. A look is enough, perhaps a trial or just a touch. Ana Lazovski is what I would call an “applied artist”. We are lucky that we can wear her artworks, and not just carry them within us or keep them between four walls. Her hats, headpieces, hairbands and fashion accessories connect art with fashion and give character to every personality.

Colours are her life, chromatics her signature. She loves flowers. Green. Nature. In her homes, she includes spectacular flower arrangements, transforming them into fashion creations that are always an uncompromising mirror of her soul. The common thread of her creations is always nature, with its three-dimensionality, its eternal growth and its changing forms, whether in a hairband for a party or the most sophisticated hat for a special occasion.

Ana Lazovski has always metamorphosised through travel. Whether genuine, real and tiring travel, or the more intimate travel of fantasy. In museums, on the Internet, on the street and in magazines, she has always found her own world and thus enhanced her artistic achievements.

Her works live, travel and experience the world, carrying the name of Ana Lazovski to every corner of the globe. But her journey is always just at the beginning. Every challenge is something new, as every one of her creations is the fruit of growth and endless curiosity.

On this occasion, you have an opportunity to view her magical work here in Slovenia, at an exhibition that is a cross-section of her vast creations of recent years. Simple, yet monumental. Interesting and memorable.

She has cast a spell for you. She will definitely charm you.

Ana Lazovski is a sorceress.

Tomi Vugrinec



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