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Exhibition of illustrations from the book Kokošji rod by writer Josip Ribičič

Ejti Štih: Kokošji rod

from 23. Nov to 11. Dec 2022, from 10:00 to 19:00, Pentagonal Tower, Ljubljana Castle

Why read Kokošji rod (The Chicken Clan) by Josip Ribičič? When we read the short stories in the form of fables in Kokošji rod, those of us who knew the kind-hearted and optimistic Josip Ribičič wonder what led him to write such pessimistic plots, always concluding with a bitter ending. However, when you delve into the recently published edition of Kokošji rod with illustrations by Ejti Štih, which whips up similar delusions “unworthy of man”, you will realise that the writer was actually just a realist, and that human values have not changed for the better in the last century, neither in Slovenia nor further afield. There are still pointless arguments between people, political parties and nations. There is even more senseless consumerism, greed and selfishness, more pollution of the planet, incredible conspiracy theories. It is as if humanity has crawled into a cave from which there is no escape. In his stories, Josip Ribičič offers solutions through “chicken heroes”. His solutions emphasise compassion, modesty, personal renunciation for the common good and acceptance of differences, but they are not accepted by the majority.


Free admission