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Exhibition of Artistic Jewellery

Martina Obid Mlakar and Nataša Grandovec: Nature and the Castle Hill, The Cohabitation of Man and Nature in the City

from 16. Sep 2021 to 09. Jan 2022, from 10:00 to 18:00, Pentagonal Tower, Ljubljana Castle

Jewellery designers Martina Obid Mlakar and Nataša Grandovec explore the various layers of the cohabitation of man and nature on the Castle Hill. This relationship is part of the everyday urban life that we experience and that inspires us. It is revealed in urban myths and folk tales, as well as during walks. We discover it in the cracks into which nature has found its way. In this way, we become aware of the meaning and beauty of the touch that is created by the cohabitation of man and nature.

The jewellery focuses on detail that is reminiscent of familiar stories or that reveals hidden meanings. It captures the biotic features of the Castle Hill and the traces left there by man. The details crafted in the jewellery reveal the diversity of the green, picturesque Castle Hill and tell the story of man’s long history of shaping the hill through building and living on it. With their unique pieces, the artists interpret walks along the avenue lined with chestnut trees and the story of the grape vines. They discover Fleischmann’s botany, enter into a dialogue with Plečnik, look back at historical periods, and much more.

The layout of the exhibition is designed in metal troughs and glass domes mounted on thin metal legs. The zigzag character of the troughs is a metaphor for a crack: a crack from which a plant grows, or a crack in time during the act of remembering.

Author of the video: Aljoša Juhart

Curator of the Exhibition: dr. Petra Bole

The exhibition artists would like to thank the following people: Kovinarstvo Bučar, Aljoša Juhart – Freedomelements, Aleš Veber - Lepota lesa, Borut Ambrožič, Tone Mlakar and Cultural Society Galerija GT.


Free admission