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Permanent exhibitions


Explore Ljubljana in a slightly different way. On the way to the Viewing Tower, make a stop in the glazed level and explore the city through 4,500 years of settlement. Learn how dramatically the city has evolved and grown throughout history.



Renovation and Revitalisation of the Castle

The castle as it used to be and today. Set out on the fascinating journey of the development and renovation of the Ljubljana Castle, on which you will be guided by a thematic exhibition. Over the centuries, history has written a very special story, leading to the image of the castle as we know it today.


Permanent exhibitions, Other


The exhibition Fluid will inspire you with a special sense of beauty. Artist Tanja Pak has created hand-blown crystal droplets lit with fibre optics. You are invited to set out on a unique artistic experience.



310-Million-Year-Old Stones with Fossils

The Castle Hill is, of course, much older than the castle that adorns it. The Sava Folds, which include the Ljubljana Castle Hill, were formed in the Upper Carboniferous, more than 300 million years ago, in a river delta with a warm tropical climate near the equator. It sounds almost unbelievable. Take a peek into the ancient past witnessed by the fossils that have been found.