The Ljubljana Castle is the perfect environment to create an unforgettable memory and impress your partner. And we can help you in this regard! Confide in us what your partner enjoys and your common wishes, as this will undoubtedly be the first and only topic of conversation with your friends long afterwards. To make it easier, we have prepared some ideas that we will help you to realise. Your ideas and wishes are also welcome, as we strive to prepare the perfect event.

May your engagement be a wonderful introduction to your shared future, may it be unique, unforgettable and yours alone.

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Assistant for Marketing

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Engagement in the Castle Vineyard

Invite your partner for a walk to the Ljubljana Castle. Your path leads past the vineyard, where, in green surroundings an in a quiet corner (but at the same time in the middle of the city), a surprise awaits you: a picnic basket with delicacies, a blanket with cushions, and chilled sparkling wine. If desired, we can also organise musicians to play your favourite song on your arrival.


Engagement with the View

After a stroll through Ljubljana, suggest to your partner that you take the funicular to the Ljubljana Castle and enjoy a dessert. On a terrace with a beautiful view of Ljubljana and its surroundings, a special table awaits you, with chilled sparkling wine and a basket of delicacies. While drinking sparkling wine, you can enjoy the treats from the basket. In one of them is hidden the sweetest surprise.


Engagement with the Morning Light

Early spring, summer and autumn mornings are the best time for a walk or a morning jog to the Ljubljana Castle. On this occasion, you can surprise your partner with the idea of seeing whether the castle gates are already open, and walk through the Castle Courtyard, where the door leading to the Viewing Tower will also be open. Of course, we will make sure that the Ljubljana Castle is open just for you. On the top of the Viewing Tower you will find a sweet treat, which is an ideal opportunity to propose.


Engagement Above the City Lights

When the hustle and bustle in the city and at the Ljubljana Castle calms down and the evening turns to night, the castle gates close. But just for you, we will leave them ajar, so you can climb to the top of the Viewing Tower and see how Ljubljana sinks into the night while the city lights come to life. Just for you, we will prepare a basket with sparkling wine, with which you can toast your common future.



Additional options: extended operation of the funicular, live music.

Engagement is the start of your journey together. If you decide to take the next step, get married at the Ljubljana Castle, within a years time from your Engagement we can offer you a 10 % disscount at renting a hall.