Castle Cuisine

The path to the castle also leads you to superb culinary delights with the most beautiful views. Enjoy delicious desserts and coffee at the Castle Coffee House, and for gourmet delights visit Gostilna na Gradu or the gastronomic Strelec Restaurant. Brighten up a typical day or make your way to the highest point in Ljubljana to celebrate the really special moments in your life. You can also propose a toast to life at the Strelec Wine Bar and Shop, where you will find a rich selection of top quality local wines. Cheers and bon appetit!

Strelec Restaurant

Strelec Restaurant, one of the most renowned restaurants in Slovenia, is the home of superb culinary delights. In the elegant and original ambience of a renovated medieval tower, give in to the pleasures of the creations of master chef Igor Jagodic. We guarantee that your soul will be touched by the unique ambience, the selected food and the most beautiful view of the city.

The offer of Strelec Restaurant is a culinary crossroads between the Alps, the Adriatic and Pannonia, while at the same time representing a meeting of the past with the present. In creating the dishes, ethnologist Dr Janez Bogataj and Kaval’s culinary master Jožica Drobnič have combined their knowledge and inspiration with that of chef Igor Jagodic, who masterfully rounds out the dishes and signs his name beneath each plate.

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In the offer of Strelec Restaurant, you will sense a hint of medieval and traditional Slovenian cuisine, intertwined with the inspiration of the present. This is reflected in the preparation of the food and its appearance, as well as in the service. The whole experience of the restaurant in the Archers’ Tower is designed to give the imagination a free path from the present to the past.

A visit to Strelec Restaurant is an experience for all the senses. Treat yourself!

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Strelec Restaurant

+386 31 687 648

Restaurant Na Gradu - CURRENTLY CLOSED

Restaurant Na Gradu offers a new culinary experience every day. Taste typical Slovenian dishes in a contemporary interpretation inspired by the world-renowned culinary masters of gastronomy Ana Roš and Svetozar Raspopović from As Restaurant.

Restaurant Na Gradu is a contemporary experience of the very best that the 24 Slovenian gastronomic regions have to offer. The young chefs have acquired their knowledge, skills and inspiration from three master chefs from two of the most renowned Slovenian restaurants: Hiša Franko’s Valter Kramar and Ana Roš, the best chef in the world in 2017, and Svetozar Raspopović from Ljubljana’s As Restaurant. The offer of Restaurant Na Gradu is just as special as its creators.

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When preparing the dishes, the chefs use the best Slovenian oils, meat of local origin, fruit and vegetables from the Ljubljana market, and wines from the cellars of Slovenian winemakers. Since the Slovenian culinary tradition offers so much inspiration, they did not want to limit themselves with a permanent menu, so the dishes are changed and supplemented daily, adapting to the seasons and the selection of fresh ingredients.

The flavours of Slovenian local cuisine, raised to the level of haute cuisine, are waiting to thrill your taste buds. See you soon?

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Castle Café

Visit the castle oasis of tranquillity above the city. We will pamper you with a superb offer that has been carefully developed for over a decade and ensure that you have a good reason to visit again. When you settle into a comfortable armchair in the Castle Café and order excellent coffee and cake, you may want to stay forever.

Choose your favourites from among the exceptional desserts by Lolita’s pastry chefs, homemade ice cream, freshly made vitamin drinks, enticing coffee and delicious savoury snacks to satisfy the first pangs of hunger, as well as top Slovenian wines, sparkling wine, beer and great cocktails.

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Escape the city bustle for a cup of coffee in the relaxing castle setting. Come alone, in a couple or with company; we will find a suitable corner and treat for everyone.

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Strelec Castle Wine Bar and Shop

The castle wine story is best rounded off with a visit to the Castle Wine Bar and Shop. The Castle Wine Bar and Shop invites wine lovers from all over the world to its vaulted cellar and to its terrace with an attractive view of the city. In it you will sense the Slovenian character through the noble drop. The Wine Bar and Shop offers exclusively Slovenian wines, which are perfectly complemented by excellent Slovenian cuisine. We guarantee that you will be delighted by the wide selection of wines from the top winemakers of our small country below the Alps with a big reputation for wine. Crown your visit to the Ljubljana Castle with a stop at the Castle Wine Bar and Shop, and, in our genuinely welcoming atmosphere, experience for yourself that Slovenian wines are among the very best in the world.

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Strelec Castle Wine Bar and Shop

+386 41 433 325



Combine dinner at the castle with a visit to an event. And my personal advice: there are never too many romantic evenings for two.

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