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Due to its dominant location, the Ljubljana Castle, a magnificent late medieval fortress, has long been a symbol of the Slovenian capital, and remains so despite the fact that it has experienced various fates and its purpose has changed over the centuries.

New possibilities and opportunities for the development of the most visited tourist attraction in Ljubljana arose with the establishment of the Ljubljana Castle Public Institute in 2011. With carefully planned content, the preservation of cultural heritage, orderliness, good accessibility, friendliness and innovative tourist products, and in close connection with the domestic and foreign public, here, on the hill above the city, the history and present intertwine at every step.

In addition to the most beautiful view of the city and its surroundings from the Viewing Tower, throughout the year the Ljubljana Castle provides domestic and foreign visitors with an insight into the history of the castle, the city below and the wider Slovenian region through the following permanent exhibitions: Slovenian History, the Penitentiary, the Virtual Castle, iLjubljana, Castle Weapons and Museum of Puppetry. We have included the rich castle history in tourism products; in the attractive descriptive guided tours Time Machine – From Emona to a City Symbol, and Behind Bars – The History of Punishment at the Ljubljana Castle, as well as in the escape game Escape Castle.

At the Ljubljana Castle, it is also possible to feel the pulse of the present all year long. The many music, dance, film and exhibition events (for adults and children), as well as social gatherings, protocol events, weddings, various culinary experiences, etc., give this tourist attraction the mark of a vibrant cultural and social centre. With careful attention towards and protection of the cultural heritage, we prepare programmes based on the stories of the Slovenian people or stories that are directly related to the Ljubljana Castle.

In addition to the castle’s many special features, such as the ancient frescos, the castle vine, the sgraffito paintings in the Archers’ Tower, and the preservation of Plečnik’s heritage of ramparts turned into a promenade (Šance), as well as the landscaped paths on the Castle Hill, which lead all the way to the Castle Vineyard on the southern slopes, the Ljubljana Castle not only offers all-day adventures, but, with the broader surroundings, represents a popular promenade overlooking the city, which, out of care for the preservation of the castle’s green environment, can be accessed with the panoramic funicular.

As is appropriate for a modern and attractive tourist destination, the whole offer is rounded off by the Castle Shop, with its own brand “Friderik”.

At the beginning of 2018, the operation of the Ljubljana Castle Public Institute gained a new impetus when the City of Ljubljana decided to assign it the management of one of the most interesting and popular hostels in the world – Hostel Celica. With the past work and experience, along with the cooperation and support of the founder, and by connecting with other stakeholders in the field of tourism and culture in the city, we are continuing and building upon the successful story of Hostel Celica.

With our team of professionals, we will do our best to ensure that you feel at home at all of our locations and want to return often. Welcome.

Mateja Avbelj Valentan,
Director of the Ljubljana Castle