The Rock Hall is located under the Castle Coffee House. Its interesting features include a multi-level layout and the interweaving of building materials with the geological structure of the ground. The hall is suitable for thematic music evenings (jazz, blues, rock and pop, etc.), literary evenings and readings, smaller film events and club nights.


The Rock Hall through Time

As archaeological excavations show, it was only in the 16th and 17th centuries that the first hall was erected in this part of the castle, between the Archers’ Tower and the Pentagonal Tower. Plans from the beginning of the 19th century describe the space as a woodshed and premises for prison warders and administrators. Renovated in the early 1990s, this tract was the first major building project of the contemporary renovation of the Ljubljana Castle.

The Rock Hall derives its name from the massive rocks in the middle of the hall, which show the geological structure of the Castle Hill. The entrance to the hall is beneath the castle bridge, up the double spiral staircases from the Castle Coffee House or from the connecting Lapidary above the funicular.


Rental Terms and Conditions

The rental price includes: basic lighting, public address system and projection.

On signing the contract, the renter must pay a reservation fee of €400.00.

On the day of the event, the amount of the contract for the rental of the venue must be paid in full.

In the case of renting the hall for filming or photography, each commenced hour of shooting or recording is charged at 10% of the price of renting the hall. The amount must be settled on the basis of a pro forma invoice issued prior to renting the hall.


Maja Pangršič

Assistant for Marketing

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  • Floor area

  • 270.00 m2 ; length 0.00 m ; width 0.00 m

Seating arrangement

  • Buffet 150

  • Price

  • 950 € without VAT