Viewing Tower and Pipers' Tower

With the arrival of the French in 1813, the original defence tower, the Pipers’ Tower, was destroyed (it may in fact have just fallen down from neglect).

Viewing Tower and Pipers' Tower Viewing Tower and Pipers' Tower

Archers' Tower

The foundations of this tower date from the 15th century, and there was a wall connecting the tower to the Civic Fortress located on the promenade today known as Šance.

Archers' Tower Archers' Tower

Pentagonal Tower

In the 15th century, this tower was the main entrance to the Castle Courtyard, as well as providing defence against attacks from the south.

Pentagonal Tower Pentagonal Tower

Frederick's Tower

In the former entrance tower between the Estates Hall and the Palatium, the rooms of the castle mistress were arranged on two floors.

Frederick's Tower Frederick's Tower

Estates Hall

Today’s Estates Hall occupies the former living spaces of the provincial governor at the Ljubljana Castle.

Estates Hall Estates Hall


The Palatium is the hall in which the provincial governor once held formal receptions and performed other duties of office.

Palatium Palatium

Hribar Hall and Armoury

The Hribar Hall above the Armoury, where the Castle Restaurant is located today, was named after the Ljubljana mayor Ivan Hribar. He received the title of Honorary Citizen of the City of Ljubljana for constructing the city’s waterworks.

Hribar Hall and Armoury Hribar Hall and Armoury

Castle Chapel of St George

The Chapel is one of the oldest built parts of the castle. By order of the Emperor, it has since 1489 been dedicated to St George, St Pancras and Empress Helena.

Castle Chapel of St George Castle Chapel of St George


Beneath the Palatium, there is a series of preserved solitary confinement cells, which were renovated in 2011 and combined into the Penitentiary.

Penitentiary Penitentiary

Castle Courtyard

The central Castle Courtyard is closed on all sides.

Castle Courtyard Castle Courtyard

Blue Hall and White Hall

On part of the medieval defence walls, there is today a leaning tract with two halls on the upper floor and a coffee house on the level of the courtyard. The halls were completely renovated in 2014.

Blue Hall and White Hall Blue Hall and White Hall

Rock Hall and Upper Lapidarium

The Rock Hall was gained during the last renovation, and is situated in the area below the Castle Coffee House. It is notable for its multilevel layout and the interweaving of building materials with the geological structure of the ground.

Rock Hall and Upper Lapidarium Rock Hall and Upper Lapidarium

Erasmus Tower

The tower was named after the robber baron Erasmus Lueger, and archaeologists believe it served as a noble prison.

Erasmus Tower Erasmus Tower

Gunpowder Room

The Gunpowder Room is located between the Chapel of St George and the Armoury, and is thought to be one of the castle’s first rooms, having been built in the 15th century.

Gunpowder Room Gunpowder Room

Open-Air Prison

The area of the open-air prison is between the castle wall and a natural rock. The prison is accessible only from the courtyard level, so the prisoners were lowered into the depths with a rope or chain.

Open-Air Prison Open-Air Prison