Viewing Tower

Two years later, a new wooden tower for fire signalling was built in place of the old tower. Between 1845 and 1848, the old wooden tower was replaced with a new tower made of stone. The completed tower was the residence of the fireguard, who fired a canon to signal that there was fire in the city. Today’s Viewing Tower was increased in height by 1.2 metres in 1982, so that its viewing point on the upper platform is exactly 400 metres above sea level. In 2009, the Viewing Tower was again renovated, and, amongst other things, the height of the defensive wall on the viewing level was raised. Today, the tower no longer has a fire warning function, but instead offers a panorama of Ljubljana that attracts numerous visitors.


Pipers' Tower

The original entrance was located on the northern side of the provincial prince’s castle and there was a drawbridge on the entrance side. Above this entrance, just in front of today’s Viewing Tower, the Pipers’ Tower was built, which was first mentioned in 1544. At 11 a.m. every morning, the town pipers sounded three trombones and a cornet from a wooden gallery built around the tower. It is not known when this practice died out, but it was apparently observed in the 16th and 17th centuries. The town pipers were also watchmen responsible for fire safety in the city. In the case of a fire, they hung out a red flag during the day and a lamp at night. The Pipers’ Tower was severely damaged during the French period. Later, in 1848, today’s Viewing Tower was built next to it.