Funicular Railway

Nearest bus stop: Krekov trg, Zmajski most
Bus no. 2, 13, 20.

The most comfortable and picturesque route to the Ljubljana Castle is a ride in the funicular railway. It is just a few steps from the bus stop to the funicular. Walk past the Puppet Theatre in Krek Square (Krekov trg) and you will find yourself in the lower funicular station. From there to the castle a short but scenic ride with stunning views awaits you.


The "Urban" Tourist Train

Ljubljana’s “Urban” electric train offers an attractive circular tourist route that links the city’s major landmarks from the City Hall to the Ljubljana Castle, including Špica (near the entrance to the Botanical Gardens), the Trnovo Pier, the Plečnik House in the Krakovo district, the Roman wall, Križanke, the renewed main street Slovenska cesta, Congress Square, parliament and the inner city street Prešernova cesta. The timetable and further information can be obtained at this link.


Walking Paths

Via the path Študentovska pot

Nearest bus stop: Krekov trg, Zmajski most
Bus no. 2, 13, 20

Walk to the Central Ljubljana Market in Vodnik Square (Vodnikov trg), and from there take the path Študentovska pot, which will take you up to the Castle Hill. It is a pleasant ten minute walk to the castle, during which you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the beautiful streets, houses and markets of the Old Town.

Via the alley ulica Reber

Nearest bus stop: Gornji trg
Bus no. 2, 3, 3B, 3G, 11, 27

From the bus stop in the Upper Square (Gornji trg), head in the direction of the Old Square (Stari trg) and cross Levstik Square (Levstikov trg). After 150 metres, turn into a narrow alley called ulica Reber, whose steps wind there way between the houses, gradually ascending towards the castle. After another 150 metres, turn left into the path Mačja steza, which will take you to the walls of the Ljubljana Castle in just a few minutes.

Via the street Ulica na grad

Nearest bus stop: Gornji trg
Bus no. 2, 3, 3B, 3G, 11, 27

From the bus stop in the Upper Square (Gornji trg), head across Levstik Square (Levstikov trg) to the street Rožna ulica, and from there past the Church of St Florian, straight towards the street Ulica na grad. After 100 metres, turn right onto the street Osojna pot or the path Osojna steza, and with just 10 minutes of moderate walking in the shade of the trees you will reach the castle entrance.

Past the Stolba

Nearest bus stop: Krekov trg, Zmajski most
Bus no. 2, 13, 20

From the bus stop, head towards the street Streliška ulica. After 100 metres, turn right into the street Lončarska steza and just a few metres on turn right sharply again into the alley ulica Na Stolbi. At this point, it is only a ten minute walk through the forest to the Castle Courtyard.



Following the motto “healthy mind in a healthy body”, you can also visit the Ljubljana Castle by bicycle. Ride along the street Streliška ulica and turn uphill into the street Cesta slovenskih kmečkih uporov. From there, you will have a one kilometre ride on an asphalt road, ascending about 70 m to the castle entrance.

Riding a bicycle in the Castle Courtyard is not allowed, but you can fasten your bicycle to the stand in front of the castle entrance.

If you do not have a bicycle, you can rent one in Ljubljana via the self-service BicikeLJ bicycle rental system or via the Ljubljana Bike project.


Access for Organised Groups

If you are planning a visit to the Ljubljana Castle as a group and are arriving in Ljubljana by bus, the nearest bus stop is in the street Streliška ulica, just below the castle. From there, you can easily reach the lower funicular station in Krek Square, or you can walk to the Ljubljana Castle via the street Cesta slovenskih kmečkih uporov, or via any of the other walkways.


Access for Physically Disabled Persons

Independent visits to the Ljubljana Castle (individuals)

You can reach the Ljubljana Castle by funicular or by your own means of transport. Physically disabled persons have access to the following facilities and spaces:

  • the funicular railway and the main entrance to the Ljubljana Castle;
  • the Info Centre;
  • the Castle Courtyard with a tactile model of the castle;
  • Object M – two levels are accessible: the Castle Coffee House and part of the Rock Hall, including the toilets;
  • the Pentagonal Tower;
  • the Palatium and the Estates Hall (when events are taking place);
  • the Permanent Exhibition of Slovenian History – upper level;
  • the Restaurant Na gradu (beneath the arcade);
  • the Strelec Restaurant;
  • the Souvenir Shop.

Visits to the Ljubljana Castle by Prior Arrangement (groups)

By prior arrangement, we can provide a special guided tour of the castle for groups of up to eight physically disabled persons .

In addition to the listed access routes, you can use Google Maps to plan your visit to the Ljubljana Castle.