For more than a decade, the Castle Coffee House has been pampering domestic and foreign guests with superb desserts created by Lolita’s master confectioners, homemade ice cream, freshly made vitamin drinks, enticingly fragrant coffee and delicious savoury snacks to appease the first pangs of morning hunger, as well as a selection of premium Slovenian wines, sparkling wines, beers and excellent cocktails.

When you sit down in a comfortable armchair, sip a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy every bite of a homemade cake, you feel as comfortable as in your own living room. Come and see for yourself, alone, in a couple or in the company of your choice. You are warmly invited!

Opening hours

January, February, March and November 10.00–20.00
April, May and October 9.00–21.00
June, July, August and September 9.00–23.00
December 10.00–22.00