In the year that the Slovenian capital bore the title Ljubljana, European Green Capital 2016, effective cooperation between the Botanical Garden of the University of Ljubljana and the Ljubljana Castle Public Institute resulted in the creation of a new nature trail, which we called “On the Trail of Fleischmann’s Parsnip”. In addition to their fascinating flora, both institutions are also linked by the endemic plant Fleischmann’s Parsnip, which is unfortunately no longer found in the natural environment. It was discovered on the Castle Hill by Andrej Fleischmann (1804–1867), after whom the plant was named. He introduced the plant to the Ljubljana Botanical Garden, where it remains a highly prized special feature of the garden. In all of the botanical professional and scientific literature, the University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana is stated as the only habitat of Fleischmann’s Parsnip.

During the guided tour On the Trail of Fleischmann’s Parsnip, a group led by a guide from the University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana will learn about the diversity of the plant species in the Botanical Garden and in various habitats of the Castle Hill, where a view opens up of the seasonal colour of the plant world. The trail leads all the way to the Ljubljana Castle, to the place where Fleischmann’s Parsnip has been replanted. From there, the group will be taken over by a guide from the Ljubljana Castle and led through the colourful and fascinating past of this late mediaeval fortress, a symbol of the Slovenian capital.

Information and reservations: +386 1 42 71 280 or info@botanič
Date: Every day of the year by prior arrangement. 
Duration:  150 minutes
Starting Point: University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana, Ižanska cesta 15, 1000 Ljubljana
Languages: Slovenian, English or other languages by arrangement 


 AdultsChildren, school pupils, students, pensioners
Guided tour On the Trail of Fleischmann's Parsnip for groups over 15 people 10,00 €/person 7,00 €/person
Guided tour On the Trail of Fleischmann's Parsnip for groups under 15 people 150,00 €/group 105,00 €/group

Path of the Fleischmann's Parsnip - e-brochure (pdf)