The private castle experience is for everyone who, in addition to diverse experiences, wants something more, something exclusively for you – a personal approach and a personal experience.
To ensure your wellbeing and provide a private tour of the castle content, a personal castle assistant will take care of you throughout your visit. The assistant will guide you through the history of the Ljubljana Castle right up to the present day and reveal its hidden corners to you.

The castle experience starts at the foot of the Castle Hill with a view of Ljubljana and the surrounding peaks. There you will create your first impression of the Ljubljana Castle. We will conjure up a unique experience of the castle history for you with a private “Time Machine” guided tour with costumed characters, giving you an opportunity to relive the six periods that strongly marked the history of the Ljubljana Castle and the development of the city of Ljubljana.

After your journey to the past, you will have an opportunity to relax in the Castle Coffee Shop, where your personal castle assistant will present the unique experiences that await you on this day.

The further tours and discoveries will enrich your unique experience: the view of the city from the Viewing Tower, from where you can see a third of Slovenia in good weather … the green oasis in the midst of the city bustle is something we rarely witness in urban centres … a tour of the fifteenth century St George Chapel with its distinctive coats-of-arms of the provincial governors, where you will be received by a castle scribe.

Your personal castle assistant will then take you for a relaxing walk along the Castle Hill to the Castle Vineyard, where yet another new castle experience awaits you ...

This will be followed by a visit to the Castle Shop, a viewing of one of the current exhibitions at the Ljubljana Castle, and a tour of the beautiful historical halls in which the provincial governor once held formal receptions and banquets. Today, these halls serve as venues for cultural events for locals and tourists.

Full of impressions and experiences, we will invite you to a delicious lunch. At the castle restaurant, you will be spoiled by top chefs, whose culinary masterpieces will be complemented by the ambience of the restaurant itself, with its authenticity and timelessness. An intertwining of history, culture and architecture …

We can create the final part of your private castle experience together, or, if you prefer, you are welcome to view certain content alone. May your memories of the Ljubljana Castle be unforgettable!



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